Best MLM Company with an Automated Recruiting System

Best MLM Company with an Automated Recruiting System

Best MLM Company with an Automated Recruiting System

Network marketing is hard enough. Most new distributors lack marketing skills and fail. Here’s an MLM with a recruiting system built for you.

No more building capture pages

What exactly is a capture page?

It’s usually a website form where you fill in your name and email if you want to review what someone is offering you.

Most network marketing companies don’t offer these to you and you have to figure out how to make them.

Why do you need a capture page?

It’s how you generate Leads to your business opportunity.

Capture pages are how you prospect online essentially.

Instead of mentioning your company name and losing your prospect, because they go research your company, never to return back to you, you offer a capture page if they want to see more information.

Capture pages typically convert 80% percent better than leading a prospect to a regular website with a products page.

personal capture page of brain abundance

Capture their info with a capture page

When a prospect fills their name and email in this form, they will be taken to your offer in exchange for their name and email.

This is technically a “Lead” for your business.

Network marketing is about getting as many Leads as possible to your business opportunity.

Ideally these Leads are “targeted,” meaning that these prospects are specifically looking for a network marketing opportunity.

The top leaders in MLM get thousands of Leads per month, but only convert a handful of “leader types” into their business.

It’s kind of a “sifting” game where you shake the sand to find the Gold.

The Best MLM System

The best MLM system is a company that has pre-made capture pages made for you.

Even better, when a prospect fills in the form, they are directed right into the “back office” or control panel of the business.

The prospect can then see the elements of the business and if the prospect upgrades to a “paid member” or “IBO” (Independent Business Owner) that will then see the full version of the “back office” and can see their potential organization of “tour takers” just like them, aka other Leads checking out the business.

The best capture pages have an email sequence

The best capture pages trigger an email sequence. If the MLM company doesn’t set this up for you, you have to buy an autoresponder email system, like Aweber.

This can get expensive and then you have to set it all up with a ton of premade emails and you have to know how to do email marketing effectively.

The best MLM company has an email sequence already set up for you to help you entice and take your prospects further down the sales funnel.

It takes an average of 7 “exposures” to get a prospect to upgrade to a “paid member.”

That means if you were to prospect them yourself, you would need to call and email them 7 times!

Having an automated email system already set up for you is crucial.

This email system literally is recruiting your prospects while you sleep.

The only thing you need to worry about is getting leads to fill in the company-provided capture form.

It’s as easy as MLM gets.

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Most Distributors Never Make Money

Most MLM distributors never make any money because they get stuck on the marketing part of network marketing.

This new hybrid type of MLM allows people who never made money before in network marketing finally succeed.

It allows people to concentrate on getting prospects to the capture page, rather than recruiting all day and figuring out email marketing.

Most people don’t have time to do all that.

They want a premade system that helps them market and recruit, because basically, recruiting sucks.

Most people will never talk to a prospect in person.

And, most new distributors want to do their new MLM business all online.

This is now possible with this type of hybrid MLM.

My Story starting out

I didn’t even know what network marketing was.

I was trying to make money online selling my ebooks and music and couldn’t make anything.

I discovered residual income by selling something while I slept.

I realized I could make money while I slept using the internet. I was hooked.

Residual income led me to network marketing. I learned I could make recurring income by selling product monthly to a group of customers or distributors. I was again hooked.

What blew me away is that I found this hybrid MLM that helped me recruit.

Everything was already made for me, I just had to promote my personal opportunity links on my blog and social media.

The rest is history.

You won’t be disappointed.

This is the easiest network marketing company I have found.

Click the button below to take a free tour.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Having an automated system for your MLM Business is important. I agree with you. The only thing that people never talk about is the marketing skills you need to get people to visit the capture page. There are a lot of systems mentioned online, and most people struggle with these systems because they are clueless about how to generate leads. Show me someone who can learn marketing and I will show you someone who can get a TON of people to visit their capture page. Just my two cents.


    1. Hi Hans, this article is about a network marketing opportunity, not a system that you plug your own business into. Thanks for reading it though.

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