Best MLM Blogging Techniques for 2017: Generating Leads

Best MLM Blogging Techniques for 2017: Generating Leads

Best MLM Blogging Techniques for 2017: Generating Leads

Most bloggers make less than a $100 a year with their blog. I earn a living with my blog. Here’s Best MLM Blogging Techniques for 2017: Generating Leads.

The Blog Graveyard

There’s a sea of dead blogs out there, especially in the network marketing and MLM niche.

In fact, the competition level, according to monitor backlinks, for the term MLM is around 33%.

The term Network marketing is even tougher at 40%.

You would have more success writing about the Law of Attraction which is around 22% competition.

But, we are network marketers, so we should write about MLM and network marketing, right?

I thought so, especially in the beginning of my blogging journey.

I wrote everyday about MLM.

I quickly noticed thousands of other posts out there on MLM that were better than mine and older than mine.

Google usually ranks older blogs higher than newer ones, so I was at a disadvantage right away.

Most MLM bloggers write for about 6 months and get discouraged.

They write on generic MLM topics, like on recruiting, prospecting, etc and wonder why they are not getting more traffic.

Like I said, there’s already thousands of articles out there on how to “recruit your warm market.”

Ask yourself: “What unique asset, skill, or experience do I have that could spice up a generic MLM post?”

Network marketing leans heavily on self-development.

If you don’t become a selfless leader who holds others’ needs first, then your business won’t grow.

I had survived a heart-attack and 16 years of alcoholism and was an introverted recluse.

I learned to use my unique experiences and wrap them into my blog posts, like “How an Introvert can Succeed in MLM.”

So, what unique story and experience can you write about that can help others within the network marketing, self-development niche.

Blogging experts say you should use the 80/20 rule when blogging: write 80% on MLM and 20% on other niches close to your main niche.

That doesn’t mean to go writing on UFC fighting or wedding dresses on your MLM blog, but it means adding something closely related.

More of the Best Articles by Category:


The Ideal MLM Post

The ideal network marketing post should teach and provide value.

This isn’t as hard as you might think.

You could literally focus on one page of a network marketing book, write down notes, and then write what you learned.

We do this all the time.

There’s really not that much originality out there.

Internet marketers learn from other internet marketers and repurpose what they learn all the time.

Look at music.

It’s just a hybrid of a lot of other music styles from decades past.

An ideal blog post, should have:

600- 1500 words

One video (up near the top or in the middle) of you telling what the content of the post is about.

A “Call-to-Action” at the end of the post, preferably a P.S. message with a free giveaway.


“P.S. Thanks for reading! If you’re looking for the Attraction Marketing secrets that got this blog to 2,000 visits a day within 6 months, click this link to get our free pdf on Attraction marketing.”

Creating a Steady Flow of Content

The easiest way to create a steady flow of blog content is to “invest, learn, teach.”

Here’s what each word means:

One – Invest in Information

If you find a product, like a training course in network marketing by a leader that you respect, buy it.

Investing in your education is the most powerful thing you can do to position yourself in the marketplace as a leader yourself.

Buy top ranked information in your niche and study it. Take notes.

Two – Learn the Information

Study the information.

Internalize it and blend your own experiences into it.

Three – Teach the Information

Once you understand an area of skills that you learned, it’s now time to teach it to your audience.

Let’s say that this very successful network marketer just taught you about three-way calling prospecting.

This is new to you, so you would write 600 to 1500 words about it, then shoot a 3 minute video about it and embed the video into your post.

Then, you would add a call to action at the end.

You can write hundreds of articles this way.

The only requirement is for you to keep investing in your education.

How Many Posts are Necessary to Start Seeing Steady MLM Leads?

This is where a lot of bloggers underestimate what it takes for their blog to take off.

When I first started blogging, I literally thought that each post would go “viral.”

And, basically it broke my heart a little each day when I realized 7 people had visited my blog!

Then, I hit the 100 post mark, and . . . crickets.

Then, I hit the 200 post mark, and . . .Frogs.

Then, I hit the 300 post mark, and there was a little glimmer of hope.

Now, at 360 blog posts, I am getting a steady flow of Leads.

From what I have learned from other bloggers, it’s usually 500 to 1000 blog posts to truly make enough money to stay home, unless your writing is superb and you’re a SEO guru, then it would be less.

The key is consistency.

If you start blogging once a week, maintain that and scale up.

If you start blogging three times a week, maintain that and scale up.

Always increase your frequency of posting in the beginning, not decrease your frequency.

You can cut back to bigger posts (2,000 to 3,000 words) twice a week when you have around 500 blog posts under your belt.

This is just my theory.

You can do what you want, but I wouldn’t cut back in the beginning.

Find a Blog Buddy

Blogging everyday for years can become very lonesome and can literally drive you a little insane.

I wrote around 200 blog posts before I received my first blog comments from strangers.

This was a little light at the end of the tunnel for me, but I was still shaking in a dark room, typing away, like a writer in solitary confinement.

One day, I got an email.

A blog comment was left on my blog by a top MLM blogger, named Chuck Holmes.

Chuck Holmes Review for Online MLM Community

So, I decided to go look at his blog.

I recognized his blog from a research post I did the prior year spotlighting the top MLM blogs of 2016.

I noticed that he blogged almost every day, like me.

I left a comment under one of his posts and pretty soon we were talking on the phone about blogging.

I would get so excited on the phone with him because I really didn’t think there was another MLM blogger out there that wrote day after day and was still alive!

So, finding a accountability partner in blogging is crucial, because there will be dark days when you want to stop blogging forever.

Blogging is a long-term commitment.

If you are relying only on blogging to generate MLM leads in the very beginning, you won’t make it.

You need to utilize social media, shooting videos and buying Leads until your blog takes off.

It could be 3 to 5 years for your blog to get you enough Leads to fire your boss.

But, it’s all worth it in the end!

Thanks for reading! Please comment and share this post to help out other bloggers.



Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

Erik Christian Johnson

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  1. some of the value i got from your article Erik is about staying consistent and that 300+ blogs is where you really see the traffic. I am at about 40 or so and traffic is minimal at best. Also I picked up that i need to increase my word count. I usually do about 400 words. Will take this info and make some good changes. Cheers. Shane

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