Best Healthy CBD Treats and Natural Supplements for Your Dog

Best Healthy Treats and Natural Supplements for Your Dog this Christmas

Best Healthy CBD Treats and Natural Supplements for Your Dog

According to ASPCA, there are over 80 million dogs in America. Here’s the Best Healthy Treats and Natural Supplements for Your Dog.


Over 80 million dogs and a little more than that for cats in America.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a four-legged family member that you truly love.

And, for Christmas and all the other holidays I feel that our animals should be just as happy and entertained as we are.

But, they can’t feel the same joy you do when they:

  • Can’t sleep
  • Are nervous
  • Have joint pain
  • Have Arthritis
  • Have Seizures & Epilepsy
  • Have Cancers
  • Have Loss of Appetite

But, there is good news.

There is a new natural compound recently discovered from the hemp plant.

No, I’m not talking about weed or pot.

It’s called CBD, also known as Cannabidiol Oil, and it’s been called the “miracle plant” for its beneficial properties, not just for humans, but for cats and dogs and even horses.

Here’s a picture of some of it’s benefits for animals:

cbd oil for pets with anxiety, seizures, nervousness


Recently, our cat was shot by our neighbor’s boy.

My wife and I were traumatized.

We didn’t know if our Py Py was going to live.

The vet doctor said that the pellet from the pellet gun went through his chest, barely missing his larynx, before lodging into his shoulder.

Our Neighbor Shot Our Cat - But Stronger Love Happened

We love him so much, but he was in serious pain and we had to keep him in at night now because the neighbors gave us no reassurance that they wouldn’t be “possum” hunting again at night.

He’s an outdoor cat, and as you probably know, cats are mostly nocturnal, at least Py is.

So, guess who didn’t sleep that much after that?

All of us!

Py was meowing all night to be let out and my wife and I sat awake in bed with ear plugs in.

We live in a RV, so there is nowhere to run and no extra room, or even doors to close out the cat in a different room.

We were essentially screwed and had to hear poor Py suffer.

CBD Oil for Everyone

But, my wife and I were already taking CBD Oil for anxiety, insomnia, and back pain when we discovered the brand we love released a CBD Oil version for pets.

There’s dog treats:

cbd oil for dogs

And, there’s CBD Oil (bacon flavored.)

We held Py the first night as I placed some drops under his tongue.

He usually slept from 10 PM to 2 AM, then meowed all night until I could let him out at daybreak.

So, at least four hours of hearing him meow.

But, the night we gave him drops, he slept soundly until 6 AM, and we as a family slept all night.

It was beautiful, and Py wasn’t limping as much on the CBD Oil.

Best Healthy Treats and Natural Supplements for Your Dog 

If you love your four-legged family as much as we love Py and your pet is suffering from a number of reasons, do yourself a favor and get some CBD for your pet.

You will truly notice a difference once your pet has been given CBD for a little while, and I know that they will love the flavor.

A healthy pet is a happy pet!

You can check out my #1 Recommendation for pet CBD HERE.


Thanks for reading!

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