Best Copy and Paste MLM Marketing System Giving Away Samples

Best Copy and Paste MLM Marketing System Giving Away Samples

Best Copy and Paste MLM Marketing System Giving Away Samples

97% of network marketers quit because they can’t grow their business. Here’s the Best Copy and Paste MLM Marketing System Giving Away Samples.

Tired of trying to push your MLM product onto friends and family, only to become part of the NFL (No Friends Left) club?

Now there’s a new non-intrusive way to build your MLM business, and FAST!

Here’s the Best Copy and Paste MLM Marketing System Giving Away Samples

Most people that got involved in network marketing in the past had to buy a lot of product to qualify for rank and business volume, and then the product just collected dust in the garage.

Well, MLM has changed, at least the company I’m involved with.

We have rolled out a revolutionary sampling system that doesn’t involve storing unused product in your garage, or even bugging friends and family.

In fact, all you need to do is give away free samples.

That’s right, free samples, and who doesn’t like FREE?

So, How does this MLM Done-For-You Sampling System Work?

It’s simple really.

All you need to do is copy and paste a little done-for-you ad copy and post it on your status in Facebook.

You could probably do this on ANY social media platform as well.

So, here’s a sample of the sales copy that you just copy and paste in your Facebook:

Status 1:

“Hey everyone, I just partnered with this AWESOME company that has (the awesome MLM product). I’m giving my 10 most interested Facebook friends a FREE sample. Comment “Free Sample” on this post and I’ll private message you.”

Status 2:

***FREE SAMPLES*** We have(the awesome MLM product) I’m sending out free samples to any of my Facebook friends who want to try one of the products. Here’s how to get your sample. Like my post, and comment “I’m Interested” and I’ll get you a free sample of your choice!

Status 3:

Anyone interested in a free sample of these (awesome MLM product)? This new company I joined has (an awesome MLM product) If you want a free sample, comment “Free Sample” on this post and I’ll private message you!

Private message ALL Prospects and get them to your website to see which spray they like.

That’s it! You can adapt these messages to any social media platform that has the ability for private messaging between you.

It’s that simple.

Now, It’s Time to Pre-Qualify the Potential Prospects that said “Yes” to your message on social media by asking:

– “If I sent you a free sample and you really enjoyed the product, would you be interested in being a customer and ordering monthly?

– “If you enjoy the products, would you be interested in being an affiliate and doing the same exact thing I’m doing by sending samples so that you can earn residual commissions?”

If the say no, move on

If they say yes, get their correct shipping information.

Once you determine they are serious and you think they are a right fit for your MLM business, get their mail address.

Then, you go into your company’s dashboard and go to the “Sample Program” tab and enter your prospect’s mailing address.

The company will then ship out the sample pack, which not only has the product, but it also contains a cover letter, a flash drive, and a mylar bag.

You have to then buy the sample.

You can order one sample at a time or 10 samples at a time, depending on how many prospects you have.

The company then ships it for you to the address you entered.

That’s it!

Not only do you have a potential customer or rep, you get business volume for it.

You can build your business by purchasing samples, and not have any extra product collecting dust in your garage!

Once your prospect receives the sample and tries it, connect with them on Facebook, or wherever you connected with them and ask:

How did you like the flavor and the way you feel?

If they like it, urge them to upgrade.

That’s it!

Not only do you have no extra inventory in your garage, but you have extra business volume, and interested prospects and potential customers.

To Summarize the Best Copy and Paste MLM Marketing System Giving Away Samples

This is a revolutionary sample system that no other MLM company is doing.

And, it’s duplicatable.

Your entire team can easily give away samples and your overall Business Volume will explode.

Look at how massive this could be!

my daily choice sampling program done for you

Thanks for reading!

If you’re interested in finally building a serious MLM business by giving away samples, click the button below to take a FREE Tour:

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My Daily Choice Leader Erik Johnson

Erik Christian Johnson


Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

2 thoughts on “Best Copy and Paste MLM Marketing System Giving Away Samples”

    1. Thanks Nkgopolang! It’s a brilliant system that I am excited about. Now we can show this technique to people who used to be turned off about MLM.
      Free samples is the least threatening form of marketing I know of.
      And, we get BV (Business volume) for it!
      Talk soon.

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