Best CBD Oil Skin Cream with Collagen: New Category Creator

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Best CBD Oil Skin Cream with Collagen: New Category Creator

Forbes predicts the CBD Oil industry to skyrocket to $2.2 Billion by 2020. CBD might be the new thing. Here’s the Best CBD Oil Skin Cream Review.

Everyone is onboard the Hemp bandwagon, but not many people know about one of the 85 compounds found in Hemp, called Cannabidiol Oil.

Cannabidiol has no THC, which means there’s no psychotropic reaction.

CBD oil is strictly for the reharmonizing of our body’s endocannabinoid system.

Our body has thousands of receptors which pick up “phyto” nutrients, but with our diet today, we don’t get nearly enough phyto nutrients, which places our bodies in imbalance which then creates disease and mental discordance.

Centuries ago, the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Assyrians, and the Chinese used hemp for their diets and medicines.

CBD oil is not only for ingestion, CBD can be used on the skin.

According to Global Cosmetic Industry, the skincare industry is to reach $11 Billion a year by next year in the United States alone, and hit $121 Billion a year in 2016 globally.

Skincare cream is already big business, but CBD oil based skincare is just beginning.

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Here’s the Best CBD Oil Skin Cream with Collagen

One of the first CBD oil skin creams to hit the market is called Hempworx Revive, by My Daily Choice.

This is a unique cream because it not only has CBD oil with zero THC, it also has Collagen and Retinol, two powerful ingredients that are widely popular for their life-transforming potential.

About Collagen

Collagen is the biggest trend lately because of its incredible benefits that have been widely ignored for years until now.

Collagen mostly comes from the marrow of bones. This marrow is essentially a life-force for renewing joints, cartilage, even renews skin and digestion.

We naturally produce Collagen, but as we age it reduces greatly; that’s why our joints ache and our skin gets wrinkled.

Collagen is in almost everything in our bodies, including hair, nails, organs, etc, and we simply can’t live without it!

About Retinol

If you’re a skincare connoisseur, you’ve heard of Retinol.

Retinol is a type of Vitamin A, that of course, we don’t usually get enough of in our diets.

Vitamin A helps bones, skin, and eyes.

Retinol is best known for what it does to our skin: it smoothes out lines, slows down the aging process of our skin, and brings back the youthful elasticity of our skin that we naturally had when we were younger.

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To Summarize: Best CBD Oil Skin Cream with Collagen: New Category Creator

CBD Oil skin care cream is a “category creator.” This is a fancy term used by network marketers who are seeking a brand new product never seen before.

Hempworx Revive along with Hempworx Renew, Hempworx Relief pain cream, and pure CBD oil drops are from mature Hemp plants, and testimonials are flooding the interwebs.

Now, you have four new category creators in a life-changing CBD oil product line.

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  1. My wife uses many different types of skin creams and lotions for her dry skin. I am going to try this one out and see how it helps her. Thanks for posting the information about the My Daily Choice skin care products. I appreciate it.

    1. I think having CBD in the skin cream will have impressive results. I haven’t tried it myself.

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