Best Blogger Outreach Service

Best Blogger Outreach Service

What is a Blogger Outreach Service?

Well, it’s the latest secret weapon for bloggers who want to get their blogs ranked faster.

It’s probably the last effective SEO strategy you can use without getting penalized by Big “G”.

So, How Does Blogger Outreach Work?

Not every blog is created equal.

According to, there’s over 152 Million blogs online.

Google measures each blog by over 200 indicators.

The only people who know exactly what these indicators are is G engineers themselves.

But, the basic indicator that holds the most validity to whether a blog is a dog or a Rockstar is called “Domain Authority”, or DA for short.

For example, this blog is currently a DA32.

It took over 800 articles and over four years for me to get that Domain Authority.

I would have gotten to 32 much faster if I had built high authority backlinks to my articles.

What are Backlinks?

They’re the colored clickable words in articles that go to other websites when you click on them.

Here’s an example, click this colored line and it goes to my About Erik page.

That is a backlink.

Backlinks contain SEO juice.

If a backlink within an article from a high DA website is linking to one of your articles, you will probably get that article ranked higher in the search engines.

A high authority backlink to your site is like gold.

Backlinks really do matter in building a popular blog or website and it’s worth the money.

For example:

There’s two blogs I follow.

One blog has 2,000 articles and gets around 4,000 visitors a day.

The other blog has 35 articles and gets around 5,000 visitors a day.

Guess which one spent more time building backlinks to their blog?

Publishing a post on your blog is just the beginning

You don’t say your married after one kiss.

You then have to create a backlink campaign for that article.

But, you have to be more clever than big G, or he will know you are buying fishy backlinks.

Your backlinks need to look natural.

They have to come from a combination of DA’s.


You publish an article.

Then you buy 4 DA20+ links.

You buy 3 DA30+ links.

You buy 1 DA40+ link.

You want a combination of DA’s linking to your articles because that appears more natural to Big G, rather than buying ALL DA40’s to your article.

Each website naturally gets backlinks from a variety of DAs, so don’t think you will become famous just buying top tier, premium backlinks. You have to sprinkle in some DA10s and 20s, especially if your blog is new.

Here’s what backlinks can do to your blog traffic:

blog traffic from backlinks

How do you Buy a Backlink?

You buy a DA link from a Blogger Outreach Service that has a staff of writers.

The service will match a writer with your blog.

When a client wants a backlink to their website, the writer from Outreach writes an article puts it on the appropriate DA blog which links back to the client’s blog.


Blogger Outreach will pay a website owner to post an article on their blog when a client pays the Outreach Service for a DA30 backlink.

Since my blog is a DA32, I am a perfect candidate for hosting articles that websites want a DA30+ backlink from.

Which Blogger Outreach Should I Use?

Not every Outreach Service is created equal, and some are based out of India and some require you to do the writing.

I would choose a company out of the UK or the US and their articles are written by fluent native English speakers.

There’s only one that is really above the rest and that is FatJoe.

They offer these DAs:

DA10+ $50

DA20+ $65

DA30+ $95

DA40+ $240

DA50+ $480

What’s with the + sign?

It means when you buy a DA20+, it could be in the range of 20 to 29 domain authority from a blog.

Fat Joe’s All-in-One Service

Fat Joe does all the work for you.

They do the outreach and speak to the blog owners and match your keyword and niche to the blog that suits your niche the best.

Then Fatjoe gets their writers to write an article specifically for your keyword.

When the article is done it goes on the blog that has the domain authority you bought.

Example: If you bought a DA30+ backlink, the article with your backlink will go on a blog with a DA between 30 to 39.

Check them out HERE

Good luck Bloggers and Webmasters. . .


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