Become a CBD Coffee Entrepreneur

CBD is a huge trend, CBD infused Coffee will become a bigger trend.

There is something sexy about coffee, and there is something calming about CBD. Together they make an “eight ball” of confidence and calm.

Whenever I go to Starbucks, I feel wealthier than I actually am.

It might be because people who get Lattes are usually dressed in the latest fashion and are busy, really busy on their phones, laptops and other gadgets.

It’s the same feeling I used to get at the airport, pre 9/11, where it was fun just to stroll through the huge terminals and see all the different ethnicities, speaking in strange tongues and wearing exotic perfume and colorful garments that resemble a blood red sunset or an expensive saffron.

These people I meet in airports or at Starbucks usually work out of their suitcase or from home. They hold secret meetings in subways and in shady alleyway restaurants to discuss the next trend that will make them and their partners billionaires.

Coffee is big business; Entrepreneurs high on coffee make bigger business; Entrepreneurs high on coffee and calm on CBD make BETTER decisions in business.

I might be pulling your leg a little, but I do feel wealthier around people traveling or drinking lattes.

So, how do you Become a CBD Coffee Entrepreneur?

As a person who only attended one year of college and went back to adult high school two years after dropping out to please my parents, I discovered only one true profession where I can make a doctor’s or lawyer’s salary without 12 years of college, and that is network marketing.

Network marketing has allowed me to create an organization of people with the same interest as mine, to create a passive, residual income in the six figures with an awesome product.

I built my business with only enthusiasm and a great product, and this blog.

That was my only prerequisite to six figures, and I only work when I want.

Most of the time, I am drinking coffee somewhere, testing the Breves to see if their crema and foam are foamy enough while keeping up with the current news and people watching.

My life is dramatically different than it was ten years ago when I was close to suicide, sleeping on a sheetless mattress that smelled like urine, and hungover or drunk 24/7.

The only thing that kept me from dying before the age of 35 was the dream to become an entrepreneur – in my twenties I wanted to be a writer like Jack Kerouac – in my thirties I wanted to be an investor, and in my forties network marketing had the most realistic promise.

I told my mom one day as we walked through a sunny neighborhood that I was going to do something big with my life. At that time I had only a couple years of sobriety and had only one ebook on Amazon making around $70 bucks a year. I don’t think she believed me at that time. . .

Fast forward today, and I’m drinking coffee at Starbucks with a grimace on my face because I know it’s monday morning and most people hate mondays.

I casually listen to Starbucks playlist playing in the background as I watch leads to my business pour in on my iphone. It’s monday and I have nowhere to go in a hurry.

Life is good, but I paid my dues. . .


Thank you so much for reading my story – if you want to become a coffee entrepreneur like myself, click HERE to see my business opportunity and get ready for a new type of CBD!


Erik Christian Johnson

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