How Alcohol Led to my Heart Attack at 32 Testimony

How Alcohol Led to my Heart Attack at 32 Testimony

How Alcohol Led to my Heart Attack at 32 Testimony

Alcohol can be a vicious lover.

It can be a true love/hate affair.

And, it can slowly swallow you whole. . .

I always played alone or maybe with one other kid growing up.

My parents didn’t like much company around either, so I got used to creating a world of fantasy.

When I discovered the magic of music, I used to create radio shows to keep me entertained as I sat in bed, unable to fall asleep.

Being an introvert wasn’t easy.

I always looked at the jocks who were getting the girls and drove nice cars in high school.

They seemed so much more developed than I.

Then, one night, my two buddies and I went to a high school dance.

One of them brought wine coolers and hid them in the field next to the dance hall.

We would sneak out there one by one and slam an entire bottle and run back into the dance.

This was my first experience drinking a complete bottle of alcohol and it felt like magic entering my bloodstream.

It felt like heaven on earth.

Little did I know that soon that heaven would be swallowed by hell. . .

Hollywood or a Friend’s Basement Floor?

Instead of graduating high school, I sat in my pickup truck, which was my dad’s and his dad’s before being handed down to me, with 8 Budweiser beers in my glove box.

I would open up the glove box to show any of my friends that walked up to the truck to say hi.

They would chuckle, not really knowing what to say, and walk off.

My parents said if I graduated high school that they would pay full tuition for me to attend the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood.

Drumming was my passion, but in order to graduate I would have to make up 9 classes.

I had no more energy left in studying.

My only passion now was music and drinking.

Over the next few years, alcohol took over my music

I was too hungover or drunk to play the drums.

Eventually, I became a dishwasher and prep cook in various restaurants and wrote poetry in the morning when I was hungover and melancholic.

I showed my poetry to a woman twice my age who was a cook at one of the restaurants.

She had tattoos on her forearms, wore a black leather jacket, and smoked a lot.

She turned out completely different from her exterior appearance and was actually very sensitive, smart, and had her own artistic interests.

She invited me over for a glass of red wine.

In a couple of weeks I was living with her and we drank a lot of red wine.

Alcohol is Not Romantic

Alcohol eventually took all my passion for the arts away.

I now got drunk before I could create anything, and my role models became winos and hoboes.

I started hanging out with the homeless.

I stopped showering as much.

Hangovers made sex almost torturous and I had no appetite for food. . .


Twelve years later, I am training at a new grease spoon job.

My friend was training me and we were both hungover from Cinco De Mayo.

We drank a lot of Tequila and I was pretty dehydrated.

My heart started to cramp as I turned white and had to go outside.

My friend thought I was playing around and got mad.

But, pretty soon I was on the sidewalk shaking with a born-again waitress praying over me.

I was airlifted from a cow field and given morphine.

The nurses in the helicopter became angels as we flew over Lake Washington towards Harborview hospital in Seattle.

Doctors were perplexed of why I had a heart-attack.

I was average weight and still in shape.

I smoked only about 7 cigarettes a day and didn’t do cocaine or anything.

Years later, I realized that you can easily die from alcohol withdrawals.

In fact, coming off alcohol can be more life-threatening than any other drug.

At 32, my left anterior “widowmaker” artery was 60% closed.

I thought the heart-attack was a fluke and in a week I was drinking heavier than ever. . .

Drinking alcohol heavily stole 16 years of my life

Drinking alcohol heavily stole 16 years of my life, 20 years if you include the times I drank before the heavy drinking.

Demon alcohol told me a big lie.

Yes, the buzz makes you feel on top of the world until it pulls the carpet from under you.

It’s not worth any buzz to kill yourself. . .

If you suffer from anxiety, this might help.


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