Alcohol Can Cause Social Anxiety: Tips to Recover from Addictions

Alcohol Can Cause Social Anxiety: Tips to Recover from Addictions

Alcohol Can Cause Social Anxiety: Tips to Recover from Addictions

Social Anxiety is a big problem these days and alcohol may be one thing that exacerbates it. Here’s How Alcohol can cause Social Anxiety and how to fix it.

Do you drink a little more than you know you should?

Does your personality change dramatically when you drink?

Do you feel more nervous around people the next day?

You might have social anxiety. . .

When I was 17, I found alcohol to be magical.

I don’t know what it was, but when alcohol hit my bloodstream I felt invincible.

I had no more fear, reservation, and had ultimate courage.

That’s why some people call it “liquid courage.”

Most people “outgrow” this stage after college, and begin to raise families and focus on their careers.

Not me.

By the time I was 20, I was getting wasted 5 nights a week.

Wasted meaning blacked out.

People would have to tell me what I did.

It was usually my girlfriend at the time telling me details of my night with tears in her eyes. . .

I was a real Doctor Jekyll, Mr. Hyde.

The thing was:

I was scared of people because I didn’t like myself.

I thought that if I spoke too much I would be discovered to be a fraud, or a selfish jerk.

The time when I was sober was a time when I was trying to play the part of someone who was nice, honest, and sincere, and it was exhausting.

In later years, I decided to drink every day and not hang out with anyone unless I had at least 6 beers in my system.

My friends would get about an hour window with me before I was falling down and being a real mess.

What does this have to do with Social Anxiety?


The more I went into my cave with alcohol, the more I didn’t want to come out, especially the more hungover I was.

When I was hungover, it was even harder to face what I did and to play the part of “nice guy” around people.

All of this stems from lack of love, but at the time I just knew I didn’t like people and wanted to be alone.

The same thing happens to some people when they stay home too long.

They feel safe in their home and pretty soon it’s a chore just to go to the grocery store.

Social anxiety basically comes from being out of practice being around people and not feeling adequate.

Although, feeling inadequate isn’t the main problem.

Somewhere along the line, you felt that you were not loved or did something wrong. . .

Alcohol is merely a symptom of something much deeper.

Like I state in the video below, I started “rocking” when I was 8 while watching the Muppet Show.

Somewhere during that time, I felt a strong feeling to get away from myself or something, and rocking back and forth made me feel safer and at ease.

Please watch my testimonial here:

Tips to Recover From Social Anxiety and Addictions

There’s a few steps you can take to begin the journey of recovering from social anxiety. Although these steps help, realize that the process to recovery takes time.

I spent over 20 years destroying my life. It’s going to take more than a month to repair it! Just be easy on yourself. One day you will smile with the purest sense of joy and it will be all worth it.

  • Cut out sugar immediately – alcohol is mostly made of sugar and as alcoholics we have become very sensitive to sugar. But, if you’re just now quitting alcohol, I would actually eat a candy bar (when you normally drank) just to make the withdrawal from alcohol easier. (if you drank heavily consult your doctor before quitting alcohol. It could be deadly to stop cold turkey.) Switch to Stevia for all your sugar needs. It’s available everywhere and you’ll get used to the taste after a week.
  • CBD Oil – Out of all the natural supplements i’ve tried, CBD Oil has reduced my social anxiety. Made from pure Hemp with no THC, CBD oil is actually a anti-psychotic and can greatly reduce many mental issues, such as ADCD, OCD, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and social anxiety. You can find CBD Oil Here.
  • Meditation – Meditating a half hour in the morning and half hour before bed can change your life. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breath. You can repeat OM to yourself and just focus on that. If you start thinking, just come back to OM.
  • Let go of the Past – The past is where your demons live. We are all human and everyone of us has done bad things. Let go of the past and forgive others where you can. Start living in gratitude by looking around and see that you are in a good place. And, stay away from “memory lane.” Memory lane will make you want to drink again!


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I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading. Please comment below if you have anxiety and suggest any tips that help you.


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