Actualized Man Program

actualized man program

What is Actualized Man?


Men have become soft. . .

We have become soft and sophisticated, and our identity is based on what apps we have on our phone.

Everything in our lives has become automated and electronic, and our passion and vitality has gone out the window the more advanced our civilization becomes.

Where has our Manhood Gone?

There are more obese man-boys now than there are real men.

I’m not criticizing you, because I was getting fat and soft myself, and didn’t feel quite alive anymore – or even like the man I was in my Twenties.

I wanted to feel alive again, like I did when I hopped trains and drank wine under the stars – but without the booze. . .

I wanted to feel high naturally – alongside a higher power guiding me – a “Christ-like” energy, where I no longer feared my fellow man and battled social anxiety every minute, but a person with open arms and a light in my eyes, and an unshakeable compassion for everyone.

What is Actualized Man?

“Actualized man” is not another diet fad or the dudes from “six pack abs.”

It’s a program that embraces the feminine and the masculine and opens your heart for truly amazing and life-changing experiences.

I’m not saying feminine like you have to become a woman.

I’m talking about a feminine that has no fear showing all range emotion in front of others, living free, and using more intuition in guiding your life into a deeper state of meaning. . .

You will start to recognize old limiting beliefs, and embrace to modalities of thought.

You will start to age backwards as you feel the stress and weight lift off your shoulders, and change your bloating red meat diet to alkalizing foods and ionized water.

You will laugh more and become your true self and be less predictable (in a good way.)

People will be drawn to you because your frequency has changed and you uplift those around you.

In the process of loving yourself more, you will also attract more abundance and wealth into your life, and small miracles will manifest more regularly.

You will ultimately get a “pinch myself” type of life you’ve always dreamed of having, especially after 40.

So, How Do I Become an Actualized Man?

The first rule of fight club is to shake up your routine and put your mind and body through life-changing temporary stress, like fasting and staying up all night.

Routines are the number one killer of passion and feeling alive.

It’s so easy to rely on routines because we can daydream more.

Because really, we don’t want to think more or expend more energy than we have to.

This is the complete opposite of how we felt in our Twenties.

We could stay up all night and do crazy things with our friends.

Now, we fantasize about sleeping 10 to 12 hours and throwing out the alarm.

Life doesn’t have to be filled with dread.

There is still a spark inside of you and I want us to ignite it!

Here’s the 10 Core Areas We Will Focus On:

  • One – Diet
  • Two – Addictions
  • Three – Dealing with Past Trauma
  • Four – Exercise
  • Five – Meditation
  • Six – Affirmations
  • Seven – Gratitude
  • Eight – Service
  • Nine – Friendship
  • Ten – Enlightenment

Your new life awaits. No longer will you feel like a pathetic old man once you go through our advanced Actualized Man training.

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Stay tuned to the Advanced Training Program for Actualized Man!

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