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I know a secret about you. . .

Either you are sick of working for someone else, or you’re tired of running 80 hours a week and you need more time for YOU. . .
Or, you’re just tired of NOT making money online and you want to finally SUCCEED. . .


Here’s a little about my situation. . .

I had tried over 28 jobs by the time I was 35. . .

Dropped out of high school and Community College 5 times. . .

Art school. . .

Merchant Marines. . .

Commercial truck driving school. . .

You name it, I tried it, But. . .

I woke up sixteen years later and looked back at my life. It was a war-zone.

It looked like Berlin after WWII. Now, I had compounded failures, 16 years worth and a heart-attack at 32.

Yes, lots of debt; Yes, lots of destroyed friendships & relationships. Yes, anxious and scared of my fellow man.

I picked up Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and started to change my thinking.

I began to see my life change. I was always a big dreamer, even during the dark times, and Napoleon Hill spoke to me and I began thinking more about abundance.

Then I discovered an industry where I could be my own boss and create my own business with very little overhead.

Since I was sick of working 60 hours a week in hot and stressful kitchens and hardly getting by, I jumped all in.

There were setbacks, but I was no stranger to setbacks.

I studied everything I could get my hands on and pretty soon I was on top of the Leaderboard every month.

Soon, I was helping people around the World from Australia to Africa earn extra income online and from home.

Now, I teach others about this fascinating industry and how they can grow their own businesses to the point where they could take a month vacation and still get paid.

 I’ve been in the trenches and have cracked the code. Now it’s your turn. . .


I will personally help you become successful. . .

If you’re a motivated individual who is tired of the rat race and is seeking a means to achieve your financial and personal goals through network marketing, I would like to work with you.

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Misha Almira

Misha Almira, CEO at

“Working with Erik has helped me move my home-based business online successfully. His training showed me exactly how to do it in the most effective ways. I am so grateful for all I have learned from him.”


eric caprarese brain abundance mastermind

Eric Caprarese – 25 Year MLM Veteran

Erik is a leader leader. Working alongside Erik has given me a true appreciation for his skills and dedication to our industry.”


David Essel

David Essel, Author (8), TV/Radio Host, Master Business, Relationship & Success Coach, Inspirational Speaker.

“Erik puts 100% effort into creating success in the world of home based businesses. You will absolutely LOVE working with him!”

20 thoughts on “Work with Erik”

    1. Hi Cherrylen, if you are interested in looking further into my opportunity, you would click the button which would take you to a form where you enter your name and email. Then, you would be redirected into the business where you can see the product, compensation plan and order page. Thanks for visiting my site!

  1. I’ve read your blog with deep interest I realise that your situations were not different from mine now my kie is about to change.That’s why a friend and I choose to create #haitimotivation on Instagram, Facebook and twitter to inspire people.But as I mentioned in a tweet we need to work with professional and meet investors to extend it.

    1. Hi Rathod, you simply click the button that says “Click Here for Free Tour” fill in the boxes and it will take you to the main site.

  2. Please send me info (by email) about how to purchase the product as a wholesale or preferred customer along with links to the company’s comp plan and policies/procedures. I’m very interested in both the products and the business opportunity. Thanks!

    1. Hi Metta, when you sign up for free you are taken into the main site where you can view product info and order info. If you logged out, no problem, Brain Abundance sent you an email on how to upgrade to a paid member. Thanks!

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