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CBD Oil Testimonial for My Panic Attack and Social Anxiety

I discovered Network Marketing January 2014

It was an entirely foreign concept to me, so I took to YouTube to learn everything I could about it.

I had been trying to make money online since 2011 and knew the concept of affiliate marketing, where you promoted someone’s product and made a commission, but I was kind of baffled about network marketing.

Soon though, I had watched some amazing videos from network marketing leaders who were making over $100k a month.

I thought, how in the heck can they make so much money?

These leaders talked about systems and duplication and leverage.

Network marketing wasn’t about pushing product onto someone or selling it from a store, but creating a team or organization of people that all promoted the product.

You would earn a small commission from hundreds or thousands of people instead of getting exhausted and earning a lot less by promoting alone.

I was all in, but there was a problem. . .

I had social anxiety and was an extreme recluse.

Network marketing was about “networking” with a lot of people, so how was I to be successful?

The company I was with at the time, Brain Abundance, offered a natural supplement with 13 ingredients, called Brain Fuel Plus.

I began taking it and within a few weeks, I noticed that some of my nervousness and anxiety had gone away.

I found myself engaging more with people and wanting to become more of a leader than a recluse.

The odds were against me, but I pressed on

Well, I also discovered the volatility of MLM, and companies and people seemed to go out of business without warning.

I would recruit 4 people a month, and 3 of them would be out of the business in two months.

There was a number being thrown around the network marketing industry that 97% of people who joined MLM would eventually quit.

The odds were against me, but I pressed on.

I was hungry for a better life, a lot more income, and more free time.

So, Brain Abundance was crumbling.

Almost everyone had quit, except me.

Even the CEO was gone.

They had placed a “talking head” in the CEO position just to appease the distributors who were left.

It was really scary.

My credit card debt was approaching $30,000.

And, the last thing I wanted to do was pick up more hours at a crappy job.

My dream had to become real, that of working from home full-time.

Suddenly, before I went down in flames with the company, I was introduced to a man named Josh Zwagil. He was the CEO and founder of My Daily Choice.

He was acquiring Brain Abundance’s product line and I loved Brain Fuel Plus, the automated marketing system, and the Binary Comp plan, so I was all in!

I was a little upset about MLM at that point, but Josh’s calm demeanor and his impressive track record in MLM made my spirits rise.

There was hope. . .

My first month in My Daily Choice, I recruited 18 people.

It felt amazing to be back in the game and with such a great start.

And, Josh was there for me, every day.

We connected on Facebook messenger and there wasn’t one time that I felt like he talked down to me, even when I was “playing victim.”

But, the best part of the entire journey was when CBD Oil was launched.

Near the end of May, 2017, My Daily Choice launched a product line that would change my life.

CBD oil wasn’t another man-made MLM product, like diet shakes and skin cream, it was an actual compound found in the hemp plant.

There was no THC and medical research was coming back with some amazing research on what this stuff could do.

A month into taking CBD oil, I was calmer than ever.

My social anxiety and eye twitch were nearly gone.

And, the best part was everyone who had ever been involved with network marketing were coming out of the woodwork to see what CBD oil was all about.

Forbes magazine predicted the CBD oil industry to become a two billion dollar industry by 2020.

My MLM business exploded.

I am not using a cliche when I state that CBD oil “sells itself.”

I am experiencing massive growth and my team is duplicating and there is a spot for you!


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