About Erik

Who is Erik Christian Johnson?

I was slaving away at two jobs and making $11 an hour flipping burgers and cutting onions.

I had been in the restaurant business for nearly 16 years and my pay only went up $5 an hour in all those years, even though I eventually became a Sous Chef.

I have to admit, I failed many things and didn’t stick anything through.

Dropped out of college five times, art school, merchant marines. . .

I was a real professional quitter. . .

Watch the video to hear my story.

The restaurant biz was known for working hard, but playing harder.

Almost every night I passed out from drinking. . .

When I was training at yet another dead-end job one day, I turned deathly white and pretty soon looked up from the cold sidewalk to see a waitress praying over me.

I was airlifted to the State hospital and had suffered a heart attack.

A few more years later and a lot of introspection, I stopped quitting things.

I discovered mindset and rituals to turn my life around.

Now, things are different, way different. . .

I was probably voted the least likely to succeed at anything in high school. . .

Well, here I am, with a very successful blog and always on the top 10 Leaderboard in my primary network marketing company.

Things weren’t always easy peasy. . .

I have been trying to make money online since 2011.

I had been playing drums and guitar for over a decade and wanted to sell my music as MP3’s on iTunes.

Well, that flopped. . .but, I became excited that I sold one song, yes, ONE song in Japan while I slept.

I realized the power of making money on the internet, especially while I slept and I was hooked.

I went on to fail at many other things, but I realized a pattern. . .

And, stopped the self-sabotaging traits and improved my daily rituals and cut out some nonsense.

My vision became clear and my back was against the wall and that was the catalyst I needed to change my life.


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With my new diligent rituals, I amassed over 270,000 followers on Twitter and created a very successful blog.

I also brought in over 100 new reps into my network marketing opportunity just with social media.

I blended my passion for writing, helping others, and network marketing to create an unstoppable home-based business.

Now, I want to help you do the same. . .

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