5 Important Steps to Grow Your Hempworx CBD Business Fast

5 Important Steps to Grow Your Hempworx CBD Business Fast

5 Important Steps to Grow Your Hempworx CBD Business Fast

CBD Oil is big business, especially for network marketers. Here’s 5 Important Steps to Grow Your Hempworx CBD Business Fast.

My home business exploded when CBD Oil was introduced as a product line in my primary company.

And, the more I looked for CBD oil on the internet, the more I realized how competitive it already was.

It seemed like every mom and pop store was now carrying CBD Oil and there were hundreds of websites online selling it already, but only a few were solid cbd network marketing companies.

CBD Oil is Still Booming!

Mainstream is still getting onboard with CBD Oil, so there’s plenty of opportunity in promoting CBD as a home business Hempworx distributor.

Think how long it took mainstream to catch on to the internet. It seemed like there was opposition about the internet 10 years after the world wide web was launched.

It takes about 10 to 15 years for mainstream to catch on to something.

CBD Oil was launched around 2014.

It’s around three years old.

There is such much opportunity left in CBD Oil.

So, Here’s the 5 Important Steps to Grow Your Hempworx CBD Business Fast:

One – Take CBD Oil Yourself

I see a lot of people who join Hempworx, but don’t take the CBD. They try the other products or just promote the CBD without taking it.

Once you use CBD Oil for about a month, you should notice some areas of improvement. It took about a month for me to realize my social anxiety, OCD, and back pain were significantly less.

hempworx cbd oil testimonials

Two – Become the Product of the Product

Once you have taken CBD Oil for awhile, you should tell your story, your Hempworx testimonial. CBD Oil affects everyone differently.

It’s important that you use it daily and take notes on what it does. It can be very subtle at first, or it can be life-changing, depending on the person. Don’t just go by what others are saying, you need to experience CBD yourself.


Three – Promote Your Links

The quickest way to start growing your business and getting leads is do Facebook Lives or YouTube videos.

What I do is focus on maybe two things CBD Oil has helped me with, then I shoot many videos on each subject, and vary the title a little each time.

Like this:

CBD Oil Helped my Social Anxiety Testimonial

Reduced Social Anxiety with CBD Oil Tips

How to Reduce Social Anxiety with Hempworx CBD

See how each title is different but on social anxiety?

You also want to put your landing page link under each video.

If you only want customers, you would use your Hempworx customer page.

If you want paid affiliates on your team, which will build you a residual income, you want to promote your hempworx biz op landing page.

This biz op landing page gets your new lead into the autoresponder of My Daily Choice, where a series of powerful emails go out to your prospect urging them to upgrade.

Here’s a sample of my “call-to”action” under each video:

See my #1 CBD Oil Recommendation for PTSD HERE: http://tinyurl.com/y9o3gdp5

I shortened my Hempworx opportunity link with a link shortening service called TinyURL.com

It just makes your links shorter and they look nicer.

Now, it’s going to take more than two videos to grow a big Hempworx business.

I didn’t start getting leads until I had around 20 videos, so if you choose to use videos, expect to do a lot of them and it will also take around 3 months for your videos to rise up on Google’s search results.

The key to growing your business is by getting as many (targeted) people as you can seeing and signing up on your opportunity links.

Sure, you can buy leads, but that gets very expensive, especially since it takes around 100 to 200 leads to get 1 upgrade.

The secret to not spending all your money on leads is to create content for free. Yes, it takes time to create content, but it’s better than spending your money if you can avoid it.

If you don’t want to shoot videos, you can try Pinterest.

A lot of Hempworx leaders use Pinterest to promote CBD Oil pins.

My favorite lead generation technique is this blog, but it takes a lot of articles and time to start generating leads.

Whatever platform you choose to use, it is all wasted unless you do this next step:


Four – Consistency

You’re not going to grow a big Hempworx business if you only work one hour a week on it.

It’s just not happening.

Even if you pay for advertising, you can’t walk away from it.

You have to constantly tweak and A/B test your ad campaigns, or you won’t generate any leads and it will use all your money.

I am constantly tweaking my blog, trying new things, new titles, new “call-to-actions.”

Consistency means creating some form of content every day, and/or doing some kind of “income producing” activity, like prospecting. Cleaning your desk is not an income-producing activity, sorry to say.

Whatever type of content and platform you pick to generate leads, it has to be consistent, like monday thru friday at 1 pM until 6 PM type consistency.


Five – Find Your Leaders

There’s two ways to build your Hempworx business: with customers or paid affiliates.

Paid Affiliates are distributors. They can potentially be business builders and recruit a team themselves, which can make you a residual income each month.

This section is for recruiting paid affiliates.

Network marketing pays well, but MLM only pays well to those who keep recruiting.

Not everyone who joins your business will be a paid affiliate or a recruiter.

You will get some “big talkers” that join your team, and guess what, usually the biggest talkers do nothing.

Don’t rely on anyone to make you millions.

The only thing you can do is guide them to the training tools, like the training videos in the Hempworx dashboard, and give them moral support and teach them a couple lead generation techniques.

Other than that, it’s their home business.

They need to step up and take action.

I watched hundreds of MLM training videos when I first joined MLM back in 2014.

My sponsor didn’t hold my hand, and I’m not a big hand holder either.

Point your new reps to the tools already created by MDC Hempworx.

The more you hand-hold your new paid affiliates, the more they can’t think for themselves.

Not everyone who becomes a paid affiliate will do anything.

In fact, 90% of your team will eventually quit.

The good news is: you only need 3 to 5 leaders on your team to make you six to seven figures a year!

Hope this helps.


If you’re not in Hempworx yet, click the button below to take the FREE Tour:

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Thanks for reading!

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