5 Brilliant Reasons to Join Best MLM My Daily Choice

5 Brilliant Reasons to Join Best MLM My Daily Choice. Best MLM for 2017

5 Brilliant Reasons to Join Best MLM My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice is an exciting, relatively new MLM that was launched in January 2015. Here’s 5 Brilliant Reasons to Join Best MLM My Daily Choice.

There’s many reasons to be excited about this network marketing company. Here’s the 5 most brilliant reasons to join My Daily Choice, aka MDC.

One – Ground Floor, Micronized Technology & Daily Choices

First thing I want to mention is that I’m not all about the “ground floor” opportunity hype, but I am truly excited about MDC.

It’s a ground floor opportunity in the MLM industry because it is relatively new.

But, by all means, the owner of My Daily Choice, Josh Zwagil, is no rookie to network marketing.

He has built teams of up to 50,000 distributors in a relatively short time in other MLM companies and has brought his hands-on expertise over to his new company, My Daily Choice.

He brought to market an exciting new technology in micronized sprays.

These sprays are packed with natural ingredients that get absorbed into your body with 98% absorption rate, rather than the 20% absorption rate of capsules and pills.

There’s a wide variety of sprays to choose from, including “Peak” which is their flagship product which contains Deer Antler Velvet, which the Chinese have used for thousands of years to maintain optimal health.

Boost spray by MDC. My Daily Choice

There is also “Boost” which you can tell by its name that it will give you a boost of energy whenever you need it.

Then, there’s Shield. This spray improves the alkalinity in your body and protects you from illness.

There is also Sleep. This spray will assist you in a great night’s sleep; and Trim, a spray that contains Garcinia Cambogia, a widely proclaimed herb that even Dr. Oz stands behind. This spray can reduce your caloric intake by up to 25%, curb appetite, and increase metabolism and will keep excess weight off.

These sprays are truly exciting and only one line of product featured by MDC.

MDC also offers Daily Choices, which Josh describes as: “The hottest Daily Products and Services and an open ended brand with limitless possibilities.”

Daily Choices are always changing to offer customers and distributors a never ending product or service line that is never boring or saturated.

Josh describes this “Daily Choice” philosophy in his motto for the company:

My = A business that you can call yours!
Daily = The hottest Daily Products and Services and an open ended brand with limitless possibilities
Choice = Success Is A Choice!”

Josh Zwagil CEO My Daily Choice MDC

Two – Hands on CEO & Owner Josh Zwagil

I’ve been in network marketing for 3 years now and have never met someone like Josh Zwagil.

He is very interactive with his friends, family and team members of My Daily Choice.

The moment I expressed interest in MDC, we were chatting on Facebook all day.

He never once ignored a question or signed off of chat to avoid me!

I quickly felt a connection to Josh like we had been friends for a long time.

Usually, I get turned off by pushy salesman and even CEOs, but Josh has a laid back energy about him.

He doesn’t push anything on anybody and people love him for that.

Josh began his own network marketing journey when he turned 18 and pursued it when he was struggling financially in college.

He felt that he had an opportunity in network marketing and that it could pay off bigger and quicker than working two jobs.

He went after the opportunity and in his first month made over $4,000 dollars.

He was hooked and went on to bring in over 50,000 distributors in that company.

He took some time off shortly afterwards to reflect on what he wanted to do. He travelled the world as the ideas and philosophy of MDC took to fruition.

He then went all in and created My Daily Choice and it was immediately a huge success, particularly in South Africa, although MDC is a worldwide opportunity anyone can join.

MDC Compensation Plan. My daily Choice comp plan

Three – Awesome Compensation

My Daily Choice pays up to 85% in commissions.

You get:

10 Levels of Jump Start Bonuses.

Binary Team Commissions where you get up to 20% match on Binary Legs.

Leadership Check Matching – This is truly powerful, will explain down below.

Global Bonus Pool – You get shares towards 2% of the total company revenue each month.

Bonuses: iPad giveaways up to $100,000 cash.

VIP Auto Club – Earn an allowance towards a new car.

Elite expense Account – MDC will pay you extra money on top of your regular commissions to handle your business expenses, for travel, hotel, meals on business trips, etc.

These are all exciting incentives to promote MDC as a home-based business owner, but what is really exciting is the “Leadership Check Matching.”

Depending on your company rank, you can get paid up to 30% (from monthly income) of anyone on your first level.

For example: If you personally sponsor a person named Rita on your left leg who makes $10,000 a month from MDC, you get $3000 of that!

You can get paid from other leaders on your team, and you don’t need to match two legs to get this.

You qualify for Check Matching by simply meeting your personal volume requirements of either 50PV or 100PV.

Truly powerful.

todd falcone MDC training
Todd Falcone

Four – Buy Leads and Get Training Inside your “Back Office.”

I’ve never seen a network marketing company offer MLM Leads and training inside the distributor’s control panel, but MDC offers just that.

Not only can you buy Leads inside your distributor dashboard, but there’s also several videos from the legendary MLM trainer Todd Falcone showing you how to convert those leads into buyers.

I love Todd Falcone and if I’m going to take any advice about my network marketing business, it’s going to be from Todd. He has been in network marketing for over 26 years and knows what he’s talking about.

Five – Automated Email System that Helps you Recruit

One of the hardest things that keeps people from not growing their business is the “follow-up” with prospects and Leads.

It takes time and mastering to learn how to speak to your prospects about your business, but with MDC they understand this and help you by emailing your prospects for you!

All you have to do is promote your company-provided “lead capture pages” and get people to sign up to check out the business for free, and My Daily choice will start sending your prospects a series of emails encouraging your prospects to upgrade to paid members.

This is a powerful system.

Not many people know how to do email marketing effectively, on top of setting up an email autoresponder.

MDC has this covered for you so all you have to worry about is getting prospects checking out your business.

MDC is here to stay. They have too many exciting benefits and features to fade away.

Thanks for reading!

erik johnson brain bears distributor

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